Sunday, 15 February 2015

I am moving or it is time to turn a new chapter

Who said that all good things has to come to an end? As an endless optimist who sees opportunities and chances everywhere I say - let's start a new book (my case new blog) that has a beginning here. 
I have always loved writing but never really shared that with the world but it is time to change that.
This is what I am going to do

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My December Inspiration and moodboard

Being inspired is one of the greatest feelings and state of mind that can happen to anyone! At least it is like that for me. When I am inspired I feel so powerful, alive, strong, full of ideas and aims, just unstoppable and the world is my oyster! Like real Wonderwoman that can and will save the World. 
I have realized that in order to get there I need some daily dose of inspiration, even in some small things - like motivational picture or some encouraging words. 
It's been years I am collecting those kind of pictures and quotations, colors and good words than whenever I or someone else around me needs some positive boost I just look them up and send it over. A great way to try to make someone else to feel better. For me it works every single time - lifts my spirits and gives me energy again. 
As a visual person who loves pictures and colors and inspire others I have decided to try out a new thing - a monthly mood board that would be a preview of my next month aims, dreams, colors, ideas, travels, workout, etc. Maybe it will encourage you too to make some for yourself too to dream a little and reach goals faster and easier. 
December Moodboard
So how does my moodboard seems to you? Inspirational? 
The main highlights of month are: 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Travel: Italian mountain getaway or in a seek of a "Green" plant Cathedral

It's been a while since I last time managed to run away from Milan and it was not for a work.
Lately I have been travelling like a flight attendant and working day and night that's why I said to myself (and to my boyfriend): " That's it! you and I need a break!and we need it now!"He completely agreed and on a sunny Sunday morning we headed North to find a place called Catedrale Vegetale - a Green tree Catedral somewhere in mountains which was suggested by a friend . Sounded mysterious but I did not mind - in contrary was happy to get some little dose of Italian mountain beauty and have a small adventure.
The Green Cathedral
Finding the cathedral was not as easy as we though even with a navigator and GPS, so we used old fashioned way and just asked locals. (Which is actually a lot nicer way to learn about the place and get some good references and tips). the road had to cross Oltre Il Colle mountains-region to get to our destination.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Recipe: Healthy snack or an alternative way of eating frittata

It's been a while since I had been posting my food experiments, but that does not mean that I was making them - in contrary, I have been more active than ever mixing, matching, adding and experimenting.
One of my easiest, fastest preparing discovery of all time was an Egg&Mushroom frittata healthy snack which can be easily brought to work with you as it is divided by single muffin molds. Clever, huh?
Alternative firttata - divided by muffin molds

My combination of this frittata was basically all the things I like mixed together.
Zucchini+canned champignons mushrooms (normal, not in the oil ones), red tomatoes (you can also use red bell pepper if don't like tomatoes) + eggs+spices.
1. Whisk/ beat eggs add all ingredients cut/sliced and spices.
(you have 2 options - can put the mixture directly in molds and pour over eggs or mix all together. as you prefer. I have tried both and both works).
2. Pour in the muffin tins/molds
3. put in the pre-heated oven for 30 min in 200C° or till golden and poufy.
4. Voilà! Ready!

Put all ingredients in the muffin molds

I mixed mushrooms, zucchini and tomatoes

pour over whisked eggs

put in the oven for 30 minutes or till gets poufy and golden brown crust appears
Nom,Nom! ready to eat!
Easy-peasy, healthy and fast! 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Workout/Food: 15 Exercises to burn off calories taken by that delicious junk food

If you have ever been on a diet you probably know how hard is to resist a temptation of snacking and having a cheat meals outside the diet plan and especially of those sweet/ salty delicious ones. I am not a chocolate lover but I know people who are and their struggle of giving it up. The same is for bad eating habits, like Cheeseburgers, popcorn with a movie (guilty, guilty guilty), Coca Cola, cocktails during Happy Hours with friends and so on and on. We all have our week point and some foods that is hard to resist especially when you are trying to reach a goal, like loosing weight or improving your eating habits. As I am currently on a super strict diet than I know what I am talking about resisting those food cravings and temptations just to reach my aim even if I don't see it in a mirror yet..

Even it has been a while I am living and eating healthy and clean even I have days when my leg (hand) slips and I eat something I really shouldn't..yes, I am human too! But as long as it is a balance and a cheat meal does not turns into a cheat day or even worse - a week - it is fine to give yourself a break. But have you ever stopped and think what is the consequences of that all delicious, bad food to your body? 
I did! and trust me, this really inspires me every time I am sweating my butt off in a gym. Because burning those bad calories are 10 times harder than taking them up.
Here comes some popular foods and their calories together with exercises you should do to burn them off... Behold!
1 large fries are equals to 524 burpees

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Travel: A Glimpse of Japan - Part III - Osaka and Universal Studious

Time has come to finish up third and last part of my Japan's adventure which takes us to Osaka and Universal Studious.
Universal Studious Japan

Boy, it was something unbelievable! For a big kid like me it was like a paradise!

The first thing we did - we headed to newly opened Harry Potter part of the park to enjoy the 4D ride.
And I must say it was really impressive! All the part of Harry Potter was crowded with fans lining and queuing for souvenirs and rides, attractions or food. (As it was Sunday the part was crowded, luckily we were on a " mission" and we could skip the lines!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Travel: A glipse of Japan - Part II

My London trip has come to an end so it is a time to continue with my Japan story so can catch up with timing and switch to my European adventures.
The second part of my Japan unexpected meeting took us to Kyoto - an ancient Japan's capital a city full of UNESCO heritage objects. Indeed it is an amazing city even more beautiful than I have imagined from the movies and books. 
Couple dressed in kimonos at Kyoto

(One of my all time favorite books is Memoirs of a Geisha which gave me a small preview of a life of a geisha back in 30ies, strolling down the narrow streets heading to a fancy dinner party and life back in than in general). Actually Kyoto is still an active geisha district where, if you are lucky, can see a real geisha heading for a dinner appointment).

On our free time we started our sightseeing (2 hours) tour with old part of the town and than heading to temples and shrines.